Latest developments on NESE and Station 206

South Brunswick Township sets up task force to coordinate the opposition to Compressor Station 206.


On December 13, 2016, South Brunswick Township has adopted a resolution, creating a task force comprising of elected township officials, South Brunswick residents and other emergency management personnel to coordinate the opposition to the building of the proposed Compressor Station 206 in Franklin Township as part of Williams/Transco’s North East Supply Enhancement Project. The task force will organize and study all aspects of Williams/Transco application for the compressor station. The task force is expected to provide periodic updates to the township officials so as to keep them informed on the progress and to make necessary recommendations to protect the safety and welfare of the residents of South Brunswick.

Kevin Corcoran and Barry Kutch, two members of CJSEC team are among the township residents that have been appointed to the task force. Being part of the Township task force will help CJSEC to bring any concerns the community may have regarding the compressor station to the attention of the task force and also provide periodic updates to the community.

Please reach out to with questions or feedback. We will send out periodic Newsletter with updates.

Please Click Here for the view the Township Resolution.


Williams Selects “Option B” as preferred location for building Compressor Station 206.

In a letter dated December 15, 2106 to local residents in South Brunswick and Franklin Township, Williams stated that it has selected “Option B” as a preferred location for building Compressor Station 206. Below is the excerpts of the letter.

  • This letter is to inform you that Williams has chosen a preferred site for the location of proposed Compressor Station 206.  The company has chosen, Site B, which is located approximately one mile south of the intersection State Highway 27 and County Route 518 in Franklin Township, NJ.
  • “Based on a thorough analysis of environmental and construction parameters, we believe that Site B is the optimum/preferred location for the proposed compressor station. Although we intend to move forward with designing the facility for Site B, FERC regulations and guidelines do not allow us to remove Site A from consideration as an alternative site for the duration of the regulatory process. Details about alternative analyses can be found in Resource Report 10 using the above referenced docket number on FERC’s website,”


Williams Transco submits preliminary Resource Report (RR).

Williams Transco submitted their preliminary resource report on the proposed NESE project on the FERC docket on November 22nd. This 2,497 page report consists of the general information regarding the proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project (Project), including descriptions of the pipeline and above-ground facilities, construction methodologies, list of applicable permits, and the anticipated construction schedule. The Project is currently in the development, engineering, and data-collection phase. Information pending in this RR and subsequent drafts is noted in grey italics with the anticipated filing dates.

Central Jersey Safe Energy Coalition is currently studying the report and will prepare a response in due course.


Williams Resource Report on NESE