Stop the FERC Filling Process for Williams Transco Northeast Supply Enhancement

FERC should hold Williams Transco accountable and to a higher standard.  To date, the Company has not provided any substantial or worthwhile responses to the Public via the Scoping Meeting or formal requests by both Franklin and South Brunswick Townships. The Company is purposely not being transparent and not providing details, but continues to submit lengthy vague and general reports and information to satisfy FERC’s filing / application process. These deliberate actions will prevent the public and impacted communities to fully understand and adequately address and verify the information Williams Transco provides in a timely manner to FERC. The Resources Report submitted by William Transco is a perfect example of their tactics.  This report is incomplete and does not address ANY of the significant issues raised to date. STOP THE FILING and HOLD WILLIAMS TRANSCO ACCOUNTABLE!  SHOW THE PUBLIC THE INFORMATION BEING ASKED!