Why become and Intervener

As we move into the application phase of the William’s North East Supply Enhancement Project, we have to up our game in opposing the proposed compressor station and be prepared to be more actively involved and influence the decision making process.

One of the powerful ways to do is to become an intervener in the FERC approval proceedings. Anyone can be an intervener as long as you have an interest that would be impacted by the outcome of the project, even if you do not live near the proposed pipeline or related facilities. FERC has to reasonably accommodate every intervener that means the more active interveners there are, the slower the approval process is.

You should file as an intervenor because:

  • It reserves your legal rights if you ever choose to exercise them.
  • It costs you nothing.
  • There are no negative legal implications.
  • You don’t need a lawyer.
  • You do not incur any legal liability by intervening.
  • You have no obligations.
  • It is among the most powerful actions an individual can take to oppose the project. FERC, other agencies, politicians and even financial analysts look at intervenor counts to gauge opposition to a project.

What does it mean to be an Intervenor ?

An intervenor is a person who reserves the right to object to a pipeline/compressor and to FERC’s decisions.  An intervenor can also participate in or initiate legal proceedings involving FERC and Transco.  They are also accorded elevated attention in FERC’s decision-making process and final decision, and intervenor comments must be addressed in FERC’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and decisions.

If you don’t declare yourself as an intervenor, you can’t challenge FERC, and they can ignore your comments.  You still have the right to comment as a non-intervenor, but FERC can choose to ignore your comments at will. Most importantly, if FERC issues a decision that impacts you and you don’t like it, YOU CAN ONLY EFFECTIVELY PROTEST IF YOU ARE AN INTERVENOR.  Non-intervenors are locked out of critical portions of the process. Being an intervenor costs nothing, involves no lawyers, and places no burden on you other than receiving more email on the project. Registering on the FERC website as an intervenor means that you have a stake in the process. It does not obligate you to anything but gives you the right to stay informed of the developments.

Who can be an intervenor?

Anyone who is a “stakeholder” in NESE’s outcome can request to be an intervenor. And you don’t have to be an impacted resident/landowner to be an intervenor. If you care about this Compressor decision and its outcome, then you qualify.

Click here here for  detailed, step-by-step instruction to become and intervener.